Amuse Bouche Napa Valley Merlot, by Heidi Barrett

Vin Perdu Napa Valley Wine from Heidi Barrett

Vin Perdu Napa Valley Wine from Heidi Barret
The Vin Perdu label has been designed especially for the Flip Lenticular printing process which achieves a 3-D holographic effect. Depending on the angle of the view, the Flip effect turns visual elements of the image on and off; one image can completely change to another. Subtle differences in the Vin Perdu artwork, when blended together and viewed from side to side, produce a moving effect of the combined images.

Vin Perdu Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

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94 points, Cellar Selection - Wine Enthusiasts Magazine
2006 Vin Perdu Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

All is not lost when the bread goes stale . . . The proof is in the pain perdu created by my dear friend and culinary mentor, Jacques Pepin. While working as a breakfast chef at the celebrated Plaza Athenee in Paris in the 1950s, Jacques accidentally dipped his crusty baguette in a tub of melted vanilla ice cream rather than the usual egg batter he was aiming for. Undaunted, or perhaps in a bit of a rush, he went ahead and fried the vanilla bread with butter and sugar...Et voila: a signature dish was born. (Jacques recently reminded me that the secret to perfect pain perdu is to use truly stale bread so it doesn't absorb too much of the batter mixture and lose its shape. The batter should be only a coating.)

Heidi Barrett continues to work her own magic with "leftovers" of a different variety: namely, the exceptional remnants from our wines at Amuse Bouche, Barbour and La Sirena wineries. We are proud to offer you le resultat: our 2006 Vin Perdu, a luscious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot from our Napa Valley Vineyards.

Because the quantity and composition of the "ingredients" vary from year to year, each vintage of Vin Perdu is unique -- crafted "from scratch" by Heidi, who endows every 5L jerobaum with her signature. The 2006 label features new artwork (the animated chef) and our one-of-a-kind flip lenticular paper that showcases moving visual images.

Our 2006 Vin Perdu production was smaller than last year, so we are offering this vintage exclusively to our A-list customers on a first-in basis, with a strict, one-bottle per customer limit. The price remains $950 per jerobaum, plus applicable shipping ($45) and taxes (within California.) We will ship Vin Perdu 2006 in fall, 2008.

Amuse Bouche wines may be delivered anywhere within California and the reciprocal states (CO, ID, IL, LA, MN, MO, ND, NE, NH, NM, NV, OR, WA, WV, WI). If you are interested in purchasing Vin Perdu and do not reside in one of the states listed above, please contact us at 1-707-251-9300.

Alternatively, call us at 1-707-251-9300 or email us at

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